Certified Pre-Owned Video


Automotive legends roll out the door every day at Braman Porsche and, a few years later, they come back, hoping to turn back time and start a second life as a Porsche-Approved certified, pre-owned car that looks like new… drives like new… and has a factory warranty… yet costs tens of thousands of dollars less.

Only a few of them will even be considered for the CPO program, the car has to meet strict standards of both appearance and mechanical condition.  So most of them are cars just coming off lease, have been serviced and maintained at a dealership and are still under factory warranty.  

They then go through a 111-point mechanical inspection performed by a Porsche-certified technician and any worn parts are replaced with brand-new genuine Porsche parts.  The car is then test-driven to make sure it feels like new on the road and given the automotive equivalent of a day at the spa… a complete cleanup inside and out that leaves it looking like it just rolled off the assembly line.  And then, the final touch; the coveted Porsche-Approved Certified Pre-Owned sticker that goes in the door jamb.

Porsche-Approved Certified Pre-Owned cars come with the remainder of their 6-year… 100,000-mile factory warranty… plus additional coverage that your salesman will explain… and there is no deductible… any work performed under warranty is free of charge.

And last, but perhaps most important… you get the peace of mind and quality assurance that comes from dealing with the trusted professionals at Braman Porsche.

You know you've arrived when you're shopping at Braman Motorcars… and the Braman Porsche-Approved Pre-Owned Certified program can help you arrive a little sooner… and depart a lot happier.  Have a good drive.

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