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The all New Porsche 911

The all new Porsche 911

Like any updated car whose changes stop short of a full redesign, the 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera bears the typical scars of midcycle fiddling. There are new headlights, new taillights, and a new touch-screen dashboard display. And that matters not one iota to us. In fact, those are but infinitesimal flickers in a grand night sky compared to the new 911's biggest step forward, which requires you step back and peek under the engine covers of the Carrera and Carrera S. There, affixed to familiar flat-six engines, you'll find twin turbochargers. Close the lids, and nary a script "Turbo" badge is visible. 

We have entered a brave new world in which the base 911 Carrera and its zippier Carrera S sibling have given up natural breathing for forced induction. It's been expected for some time that Porsche would drop the Carrera duo's naturally aspirated flat-sixes for turbocharged versions. Still, now that it has happened, we can't help but lament the loss of Porsche's signature and wonderful-sounding non-turbo flat-six. And that's all the space we'll devote to our mourning period. The new engine, shared in essentially the same form by both the Carrera and Carrera S, is a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged ball of mechanical fury.



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