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Our Porsche Team

Raj Alexander

Raj Alexander | General Sales Manager

Raj joined our Braman organization in 2003, his career with Braman started in Sales at our BMW dealership in West Palm Beach. Over the years he has lead our dealership as a Finance & Insureance Manager, Sales Manager for BMW/MINI/Porsche dealerships, General Sales Manager of BMW/MINI/AUDI/Porsche dealerships and most recently as Director of Sales of our BMW/MINI/AUDI dealerships in West Palm Beach and Jupiter. His passion for Porsche kindled many years ago as a young child and has culminated to leading our Braman Porsche Dealership to one of the Top New and Certified Pre-Owned Dealerships in the country. Raj enjoys playing Golf, improving his driving skills at the Race Track, and most of all spending time with this family. His Wife and children who are 5yrs.and 7yrs.old share his Porsche Passion. His Favorite car is The Porsche Panamera GTS.


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Mo Reza

Mo Reza | Sales Manager

Mo joined our Braman organization in 2009, his career with Braman started as Sales person in our BMW dealership in West Palm Beach. Over the years he has lead our dealership as a Sales Manager for BMW/MINI and Now our Porsche dealership. His passion for Porsche kindled many years ago as a young man growing ui in Southern New Jersey and continues to this day as he leads the Sales Team at Braman Porsche. Mo enjoys spending time at with his loved one sharing all that South florida has to offer. He enjoys Golf, Cooking and travelling. His Favorite car is a Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe with a Manual Transmission!


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Steve Rock

Steve Rock | Business Manager

Steve joined our Braman organization in 2000, his career with Braman started as Finance & Insurance Professional in our BMW dealership in West Palm Beach. Over the years he has cultivated relationship with every Hi-Line Luxury Financial Services group in the industry that has helped him lead our dealership to offer the most competitive rates and terms to our clients in our Rolls Royce/Bentley/BMW/MINI and Now our Porsche dealerships. Steve enjoys spending time with his beloved wife and his beautiful and talanted Daughter who is a SuperStar! He enjoys Travelling, and helping coach his Daughter in Swimming and surfing. His Favorite car is a Porsche Cayenne GTS!

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Jack  Stang

Jack Stang | Porsche Global Certified Brand Ambassador

Jack started in the car business working part time for his father’s sports car dealership while in High School and has always had a passion for sports cars-especially Porsches.

After a successful career in the music industry and later as a yacht broker, Jack pursued his passion for Porsches. He joined Braman Porsche in 2009  and has a great following of clients. He is also the recipient of the Coveted Porsche Excellence Award and is only 1 of 100 worldwide to be invited to Cannes, France to accept this award.

His knowledge and passion for the brand is unequaled and in his words

“The greatest reward for me is seeing my clients with a smile on their face as they take possession of their Porsche”

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Emily Santiago

Emily Santiago | Porsche Global Certified Brand Ambassador

Emily epitomizes ‘not just a pretty face.’ With over 20 years of high-line experience, 12 of which are with Porsche, her bubbly personality and her vast product knowledge keeps her regularly at the top of the sales board. (In fact she was our Braman Campus Walk-Around Champion!) Emily enjoys English Horseback Riding, snow skiing, and a healthy fitness regime. Although she grew up in Waukesha Wisconsin, her travels have taken her from the Caribbean to Europe. Fluent in Spanish, she understands several languages as well. Our go-to gal for product questions, she is very proud of her achievements becoming a fully Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador.

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Alec Friedman

Alec Friedman | Porsche Global Certified Brand Ambassador

Alec has over 15 years in the business – 5 of which were obtained here with us at Braman Porsche. His upbeat personality and occasionally offbeat sense of humor makes being around him an infectious pleasure. Originally from New York City, he has been in South Florida for over 15 years now and has been living in Delray Beach for the last 5 years. He enjoys cars, music, movies and spending time with his family and his beautiful girlfriend and there dog. I am truly blessed to be working for Porsche,"There is no substitute". He is proud to have achieved his Porsche Brand Ambassador status.

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Freddy Rhemrev

Freddy Rhemrev | Porsche Global Certified Brand Ambassador

Freddy Rhemrev has been with Braman Motorcars for 21 years. He has held positions in Sales and Management with BMW/MINI brands as well as having earned the accoloade as the TOP BMW M Brand specialist in the World. He has also won numerous Sales Recognition awards and a Grand Travel award for the Top 10 World wide in BMW M Brand Sales. His motorsports passion and love for the Porsche Brand has lead him to now becoming one of the TOP Porsche Brand Ambassadors in the US. Freddy spends most of his time with clients who enjoy High Perfomance Driving at the Palm Beach Driving Club, he coaches many of his clients and enjoy his time off testing Factory Race cars for various Teams as well as refining his Karting skills in his Zanardi Shifter Kart. 

Freddy Rhemrev is an Accomplished Race car driver and very well known in North American Racing Motorsports. He has competed and beaten the likes of Ron Fellows, Johnny O'Connell, Paul Tracy, David Brabham, Calvin Fish, Jaques Villenueve and Jeff Andretti. All superstar's today. Freddy's smooth aggressive driving style gave him speed to be a Works and Factory driver winning race's, championships and awards. The following are some of his Career Highlights.

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L.G. Gantt

L.G. Gantt | Porsche Global Certified Brand Ambassador

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Nick Patel

Nick Patel | Porsche Global Certified Brand Ambassador

Nick Patel is the most enthusiastic student of the industry for the past 17 years and a recipient of multiple accolades throughout his automotive carrier.  He is a Porsche fan for life, a true Porsche Certified Global Brand Ambassador.  Majority of his carrier is spent with Braman Motorcars (since 2005).  He also spent multiple years in marketing and sales with the aviation industry catering to legacy carriers, FBO’s, Military and Airports directly.  His true love (other than his wife and six year old son) is the automotive field, and is more often than not involved in the car culture including racing and modifying everything he can get his hands on (almost an addiction). 
He was born and raised in India, and now calls Jupiter, FL. home since 1989.  He has attended UCF and Sinclair College for formal education in Liberal Studies with a minor in Health Sciences and Physical Therapy. 
Nick is the consummate professional, interested in long term relationships vs. just sales figures.  He has clients/friends all over the country who repeatedly purchase vehicles for all their homes from the Palm Beach location.  He consistently delivers the most personalized and exciting purchasing experience for his clients.  He delivers an even better ownership experience via the constant follow-up and personal care by making himself available 24/7 after the sale.

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Michael Ciano | Brand Ambassador

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Matt Waterman | Brand Ambassador

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Brandon Barnes | Brand Ambassador

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Victoria Bakara

Victoria Bakara | Sales Assistant

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Sasha Delgado

Sasha Delgado | Porsche Internet Sales

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Dave Berry

Dave Berry | Porsche Internet Sales

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Megan  Wall

Megan Wall | Service Manager

Megan started with Braman in 2007 as a Service Advisor with Audi and very happy to be with Porsche now. She is very customer focused and willing to help in anyway.
Megan was born and raised right here in south Florida.

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David Eberlein

David Eberlein | Service Advisor

Dave started as a Service Advisor with Braman Porsche in 2002 after an extensive career in the Parts industry both aftermarket, other manufacturers as well as Porsche. Dave relocated back to New Mexico to care for family members in 2007 as Service Manager for Porsche and Audi of Albuquerque where he achieved and maintained high CSI ratings for both car lines. Dave decided it was time to come back home to Braman Porsche in October 2015 after his girls graduated.

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Robert Friscia

Robert Friscia | Service Advisor

"Originated in Connecticut, I made the move down to Florida April 2015. I've been with Porsche for 7 years now and have a passion for cars. On the weekend you may run into me at a local car show or rally."

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Edward  Clauss

Edward Clauss | Service Advisor

After proudly serving as a United States Marine I have enjoyed over 22 years in the Automotive Service Department business.  When not working  I enjoy a Golfing, Saltwater Fishing and spending time with my lovely wife.

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Jason Avery

Jason Avery | Parts Manager

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Nick Trull

Nick Trull | Parts Specialist

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David Perez

David Perez | Parts Specialist

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Jason  Marcy

Jason Marcy | Porsche Certified Technician

Matt  Reilly

Matt Reilly | Porsche Certified Technician

Jon  Plewniak

Jon Plewniak | Porsche Certified Technician

Daine  Allen

Daine Allen | Porsche Certified Technician

Tyler  Bailey

Tyler Bailey | Porsche Certified Technician

Stephen Grossman

Stephen Grossman | General Manager